Milos island travel guide

Association of Owners of Tourist Rooms in Milos

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Recklessly clinging on the feet of the hill that embraces the castle of Milos,
the all-white village of Plaka forms a magical contrast in this island of colours.

With the grandeur that befits the capital of the island, Plaka,

welcomes its visitors in its picturesque winding streets,

treats local delicacies in traditional taverns,

offers drinks in cool bars,

accompanies you in exquisite emporiums with handmade objects and jewels,

exhibits rich archaeological and folklore areas,

accommodates in aesthetic lodgings and…....

relaxes you with the view of the most beautiful Cycladic sunset...

It’s not only visitors who fall in love with Plaka, it’s also Plaka
that falls in love with the visitors…

Just like that. In a simple and generous manner.....