Milos island travel guide

Association of Owners of Tourist Rooms in Milos

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10 reasons to experience the magic of Milos

1. To feel you swim in the moon…in Sarakiniko beach.

2. To listen to the purring of lava…at the volcano in kalamos.

3. To revive body and spirit…at the hot springs on the Salt Mine beach.

4. To get drunk by the sunset colours…at Kastro hill.

5.  To explore pirate hideouts…in Kleftiko bay.

6.  To dive in the erotic waters…of Sykia cave.

7.  To feel awed walking in the underground galleries…of the Catacombs.

8.  To collect impressive seashells…in Achivadolimni beach.

9.  To feel that you are on a theatrical stage…at Klima.

10. To believe that you are kings of the world…on top of Profitis Elias mountain.